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Climate Change

STEVE HANSEN is committed to finding progressive solutions to combat climate change and make communities more livable and sustainable. On the Sacramento City Council, he is fighting for policies to address our climate crisis, including:


Declaring a “Climate Emergency” in the City of Sacramento, recognizing the dire and urgent need for action on climate change.


Prioritizing Transit-Oriented Development standards to manage smart development that allows residents to use alternative transportation methods, reducing our reliance on cars and carbon fuel sources.


Modernized City Vehicles Standards for trash trucks and maintenance vehicles to make the city fleet more sustainable and to improve air quality in our city.


New Public Parks, including Bark Park give children a safe place to play while preserving green-space in our neighborhoods.


Overhauled & Increased Ridership on Sacramento Rapid Transit to give Sacramento residents better and more efficient transportation options, and to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.


New Electric Buses for our Rapid Transit system will mean fewer breakdowns, more consistent service, cleaner air and a healthier environment.

Paid for by Steve Hansen to Sacramento City Council, District 4, in 2020 (ID #1398191). Contributions or gifts made to this organization are not tax-deductible. Chapter 2.13 of the Sacramento City Code limits the amounts that a contributor may give to a candidate for a City Council position for a primary, general or special election. Generally, a contributor other than a large political committee may not give more than $1,750 to a candidate for a City Council position for a primary, general or s
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